• Hola EB97-217,

    I've noticed your recent images for the "Say Goodbye" episode and i was wondering where you got them from. I've been looking online for high quality images for the newest episode but haven't found any. How did you find yours?

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    • Hi there, feel free to take as many of them as you need :) I usually go online trying to find good quality images, sometimes it's hard..

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    • Its me again. The images you're uploading are great! Did you find an source (a specific website or a video) for the images for the episode?

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    • Not really, just screenshots mostly

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    • Yes, but where did you find the screenshots?

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    • Sorry to keep bugging you but I honestly cannot find anymore good quality screencaps anywhere for "Say Goodbye" or "Vivian's Here". By the looks of the screencaps you've been uploading they all seem like they're from the same place.

      Is there a website which you got the images from that you can share with me so that i can further the wiki on my end? If not is there any tips you could give me to finding these good quality images which you seem to be so gived in finding.

      I would really appreciate it if you could help. Again, sorry for bugging you regarding this matter.

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    • Sorry man, I thought the previous message was uploaded.

      I downloaded the episode, that's where I got the pictures from haha I'll try to upload new pictures for "Vivian's Here" soon, but if you need some specific pictures you can tell me.

      And it's not a problem, really. If you need help with something you can tell me, I'll try to help as much as I can.

      My internet is kind of slow, but I'm trying to create gifs for the scenes where Annalise gets high during "Say Goodbye", and later when she hits the pillow. You can check them out once I can finally upload them in a website and then here.

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