• I am from the English version of the HTGAWM wiki and I have noticed that you have certain dates for events and i was wondering where you found these dates. Some of the dates such as the one in season 4 i have found but i am wondering about the date for the Rebecca Sutter murder as you have it as January 23, 2015 and i cant seem to find a reference for that.

    Also, do you know the dates for the mahoney trial, the only date i have for it is that it took place in 2005.

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    • Hi, well, some of those dates i found with the continuity and making some conjectures about some of the actual dates with the information they give us, or sometimes even on the episodes.

      As for the Mahoney Trial they never give out any specific information, the only thing we do know is it was on 2005, but they never mentioned around what date it was.

      I'm Planning on watching the whole show again to complete some articles, maybe on the second part of season 2 there can be a shot on those episodes with the date for the trial or the newspapers, so you may find it there.

      Anyway, if you need anything i'm here :)

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